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e-home of Nico Hatzizisis

math & applied math dept. @ UoC

Hi there! This is my website. Here you’ll find some info about me and my work.

A few words about me…

I come from Velventos, a small town in the northern part of Greece.

I am doing research in applied mathematics at the university of Crete in Heraklion, under the supervision of Prof. Spyridon Kamvissis.

My (research) interests lie in the field of mathematical physics; the interactions between physics and mathematics.

In my spare time, I like listening to music (mostly jazz & classical but I do have a soft spot for rock, country and folk as well), playing the saxophone, watching movies and theatrical plays, reading and hiking. I am also very interested in nature photography.

More info

Currently (spring & summer of 2022), I am visiting the mathematics department at Princeton university in the U.S.A., under a Fulbright visiting researcher program.

A short CV

Here, is my CV.

Research Interests

Mathematical physics: completely integrable systems, WKB analysis and Riemann-Hilbert problems.

Currently working on…

Semiclassical spectra of Dirac operators.

Finished Projects

⦁ Semiclassical WKB problem for the non-self-adjoint Dirac operator with a decaying potential (with Spyridon Kamvissis) [on Journal of Mathematical Physics, 62(3), p.033510, 2021 , or on arXiv].

⦁ Semiclassical WKB Problem for the non-self-adjoint Dirac operator with a multi-humped decaying potential (with Spyridon Kamvissis)[submitted, available on arXiv].

⦁ Soliton resolution for a lattice (with Spyridon Kamvissis) [preprint, available on arXiv].

⦁ Semiclassical WKB problem for the non-self-adjoint Dirac operator with an analytic rapidly oscillating potential (with Setsuro Fujiié & Spyridon Kamvissis) [submitted, available on arXiv].


⦁ Here is my Ph.D. thesis: “Semiclassical WKB Problems for Dirac Operators with Decaying Potentials”.

⦁ The finite gap ansatz for the semiclassical focusing NLS equation with bell-shaped initial data (click here).


Il libro della natura é scritto in lingua matematica.

Galileo Galilei

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